James Gloer, Ph.D.

Professor, Chemistry

Our research program is dedicated mainly to the discovery, isolation, and structure determination of novel biologically active natural products from fungi.  Many antibiotics, anticancer agents, and other important pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals in use today have been discovered through studies of the chemistry of bacteria and fungi.  

Our studies utilize observations in fungal ecology in order to target certain classes of fungi as logical sources of valuable new metabolites.  Through these studies, we also seek to contribute to a better understanding of the roles of these compounds in the life cycles of the organisms that produce them.  Current efforts in this area include studies of fungal metabolites involved in interspecies competition within natural ecosystems, and investigations of fungi that attack, colonize, and damage others as potential sources of antifungal agents.  

This research is interdisciplinary, and most of our projects involve collaboration with mycologists and colleagues from other neighboring disciplines.

Research areas
  • Chemistry
James Gloer
PhD, University of Illinois,1983
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E515A Chemistry Building (CB)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States